The Elements Behind BenefitLogix

BenefitLogix offers a progressive suite of bundled or cafeteria style benefit programs that are innovative in both design and delivery. We leverage exclusive alliances with thousands of the best known merchants and brands against our extensive industry experience to develop programs that change the way attract and keep more customers and your customers value you.

The Components of Your BenefitLogix Partnership


Our custom-built, custom-fit solutions are unique to each client. Every facet of your benefit solution will be constructed to meet your distinctive needs, revenue goals, audience types, industry considerations, go-to-market strategies and business models.

Our à la carte services allow you to bundle as many or as few programs as make sense for your business. Our cafeteria style option gives you flexibility that other benefit providers don't offer. You can choose a controlled roll-out of benefits; adding more programs to your suite of benefits as the need arises or as market conditions dictate. Once you are set up as a BenefitLogix client, adding increased benefits to your program is as easy as ordering from a menu.

Private Labeling

BenefitLogix is your 'silent' partner. We work behind the scenes to help you achieve your loyalty, affinity and revenue goals. Every aspect of your customized benefit program can be privately labeled as if they were provided directly by your organization. You can focus on your business – we'll focus on growing it.

Providing Value That Inspires Loyalty

Making Money For You:

Attract New Customers = Repeat Business = Quantifiable Results

Saving Money For Your Members:

Satisfied Members = Inspired Loyalty = Quantifiable Results

It is the job of BenefitLogix to deliver benefits that are relevant to your patron, that provide tangible value, and that are fast and easy to use. The benefit program you offer your customers through BenefitLogix will provide cost savings and improve their quality of life. The value and importance that they place on their benefits will inspire loyalty and create ongoing preference for your brand.

National Merchant Partners and Service Providers

Your patrons will have access to over 300,000+ online and brick & mortar retailers, over 500 national brands – an unmatched collection of consumer-driven discounts and saving opportunities.

And that's not all! BenefitLogix has also partnered with best-in-class service organizations to provide highly valued services such as:

  • Concierge Services
  • Financial and Legal Services
  • Grocery Coupons
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Pet Network
  • Travel Benefits
  • Consumer Discounts
  • Identity Theft and Monitoring Solutions
  • Health/Medical Discounts
  • Funeral Counseling and Planning
  • Travel Insurance Benefits
  • Promotions and Incentives

Branded Marketing Material

Our full-service creative marketing group stands ready to provide you with layout and design, even printing and fulfillment of your branded marketing material. We will provide you with branded membership cards, consumer brochures, savings certificates, emails, and much more.

Support Services

Toll-Free and Internet-Based Customer Service

Call us at 866-216-8727 x703 or email to find out how
BenefitLogix can help you build your member base, reward member loyalty and acquire new members.