Marketing Support Programs

BenefitLogix offers a complete suite of support services to help you promote, manage, sustain and grow your benefit program.

Whether your target audience is comprised of online subscribers debit/credit card carriers, employees, current clients or prospective customers.

Custom Technology

We know that no business—and certainly no benefit solution—can be "one size fits all". You'll appreciate our ability, willingness, and technical know-how to truly customize a solution just for you.

BenefitLogix taps the experience of a highly seasoned staff and expertise of our technical and creative team to create our truly innovative benefit programs.  We employ designers and programmers that are at the top of their field.  We believe our people are the best the industry has to offer.  Your customers deserve no less.

Web Development

All of our custom-built programs take full advantage of the internet, coupled with a user-friendly interface to provide accurate, up-to-the-minute access—24 hours a day/7 days a week— to all savings and discounts.

Your private label website will welcome your customers by name, and ensure controlled, members-only access. Up-front and evident messages of your choosing remind customers of the value you place on their business.

Toll-Free Customer Service

There’s no need for your staff to field questions from your consumers.  You simply direct your employees, customers and members to our toll-free customer service lines for answers about member benefits and program usage, tech support and benefit redemption.

Email Marketing

Customized and branded email messages can be sent to welcome new members, roll out a new benefit program, remind customers of the benefits available and alert customers to new offers.

Creative Support

The marketing communications team at BenefitLogix stands ready to custom create all of the printed materials you need to promote your benefit program.  We’ll even handle printing and the distribution/delivery of final materials such as brochures, custom member cards, savings certificates or other handouts

Call us at 866-216-8727 x703 or email to find out how
BenefitLogix can help you build your member base, reward member loyalty and acquire new members.