Banks and Card Issuers

Points, miles and cash back credit card programs are difficult to individualize from the competition, they're a hassle to manage, and they're not one-size-fits-all-consumer.

Differentiate your card from the rest with a BenefitLogix card member benefit program.  It provides substantial, measurable value to the card carrier and, best of all, there is no staff-intensive process management.  BenefitLogix handles it all.

BenefitLogix's wide variety of discount, member benefit, and purchasing plans can be completely customized to add unprecedented value to your card and your brand.

Discounts on the Items Your Customers Purchase Every Day

BenefitLogix delivers a broad network of popular local retailers in the communities you serve. This provides your cardholders with measurable value at places they dine, shop and patronize every day.

Your card members receive discounts on numerous services such as:

  • Dining
  • Shopping
  • Hotels
  • Movies
  • Cruises
  • Travel
  • Recreation
  • Golf
  • Car Rental
  • Condominium Resorts
  • Household Services
  • Health & Beauty

Customized to Enhance Your Brand

We will tailor a program specifically for your brand and its goals & your customers and their needs.  We manage every single aspect of your turnkey program and deliver all the privately-labeled marketing tools you'll need to ensure a successful roll-out.

Bank Programs Include:

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