Who Are We

BenefitLogix is a national provider of private-label loyalty, affinity and membership club benefit programs for online marketing organizations, telesales industries, businesses, associations and credit/debit card companies. Just one of the many competitive advantages we offer - and one that sets us apart from others in the industry – is our ability to customize solutions for each and every client. We not only provide the products or services for the client but also develop and implement sophisticated internet customer provisioning solutions to deliver the services.

We attribute our success and on-going growth to our team of experienced industry professionals. In addition, we have developed strategic alliances with best-in-class product suppliers, global merchants, organizations, stored value card processors, financial institutions, and technology firms.

What Can We Do For You?

The BenefitLogix Philosophy

True customer loyalty is perhaps the greatest asset a company can develop. Loyal customers provide reliable, ongoing business and revenues and—equally important—referrals of new customers. Developing customer loyalty is the ultimate objective and meaning of brand equity that creates positive experiences and tangible benefits to your customer. As your silent partner BenefitLogix helpsyou achieve these goals.

Call us at 866-216-8727 x703 or email Marketing@BenefitLogix.com to find out how
BenefitLogix can help you build your member base, reward member loyalty and acquire new members.